Upstate Native Plant Sale

The Upstate Native Plant Society will hold a native plant sale on Saturday and Sunday, October 13 and 14 from 9am to 2pm each day. The location is 180 Lakewood Drive, Greenville, just off of Mauldin Road. Cash, checks, and credit will be accepted.
We have a large selection of native trees, shrubs, perennial wildflowers, vines, ferns, and some grasses. The majority of these plants were seed grown at the native plant greenhouse where the sale will be held.

Fall is the best time to plant. With cooler temperatures the plants are under less stress and will develop a good root system as the soil slowly cools. In addition, it is a lot easier to dig planting holes in the autumn temperatures!

Native plants have adapted and evolved over thousands of years adjusting to local soils, temperatures, and rain cycles. They provide food, shelter, and habitat to the native song birds, insects, and other animals which have, in turn, adapted and evolved with the plants to form a specific ecosystem. The plants provide food to insect larvae, the larvae and adult insects serve as food which birds feed to their babies. Their fruits and seeds foliage provide food. Left undisturbed, the ecosystem develops a balance between predators and prey. When exotic plants, such as kudzu, are introduced from other parts of the world, they can take over, crowding out native plants and disrupting the balance of the ecosystem. Planting more natives helps restore the balance.

The sale will have plants adapted to local conditions, to sun and shade, dry and wet soils. They also have beautiful form and color and can be chosen and planted to provide blooms throughout the season.

The sale is on private property with limited parking. Carpooling is encouraged. For more information and a list of the species available, go to Click on activities, then calendar. Click on the date October 13 for all information.

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