The South Carolina Lean Alliance Rebrands as OpExChange

The South Carolina Lean Alliance has rebranded as OpExChange. Why the name change? Because the scope of topics has increased to include more than lean manufacturing. OpExChange will now also focus on Industry 4.0 as well as corporate leadership and will be the only peer-led organization of its kind in the US, serving the fastest growing manufacturing sector in the nation.

The name OpExChange is a mashup of the focus on Operational Excellence, the Exchange of ideas for improvement, and achieving Change for the better.

OpExChange will continue to be a valuable resource for companies who are on their Lean journey. It will also play a vital role in helping companies understand and implement the game-changing advantages offered by Industry 4.0 as well as improved leadership at all levels of the organization.

Industry 4.0, the term used to describe the fourth major manufacturing revolution, typically involves elements such as smart manufacturing, smart factories, industrial internet of things, and additive manufacturing among many others. Long-time Lean practitioners see Lean Manufacturing as the necessary precursor to Industry 4.0, and Industry 4.0 is enabling Lean to achieve leapfrog gains in effectiveness. As companies adopt these new techniques and technologies, the workforce must adopt new leadership and communication skills to make it all work.

The OpExChange motto is “Collaborate. Learn. Succeed.” The new format will enable member companies to collaborate in new ways, learn more effectively from one another, and succeed in reaching their goals.

OpExChange has also taken steps to ensure that hosting an event is as easy and as effective as possible. Success as an organization hinges on the willingness of the member companies to host events, and the new expanded focus provides many more hosting opportunities.

Contact OpExChange to discuss how the organization can help you host an event that is convenient, painless, and beneficial to all. Visit or call 864-328-6231 for more information.

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