The mysterious new team member of Locally Epic is unveiled

GREENVILLE, S.C. – If you happen to see a life-sized blue iPhone walking around downtown Greenville, rest assured you’re not losing your mind.

That’s just Epic, the mascot for Locally Epic’s created to assist Greenville locals and tourists all over the community. Along with making friends, his goals are getting the public involved with shopping local and benefiting homegrown businesses while helping people save money.

Epic is eager to introduce himself to the community and help people save big. Look for him walking around or riding in the Hop-In vehicle during the Wells Fargo Red, White and Blue event in downtown Greenville on the Fourth of July.


“This eye-catching mascot will really further the conversation on homegrown businesses that Locally Epic is stirring up in Greenville,” said Chase Michaels, CEO and founder of Locally Epic. “We are very excited to have found a name that the community can become more acquainted with.”

The app can be downloaded here or found on iTunes or GooglePlay, and more than 40,000 people have downloaded it so far. More than 100 local businesses have signed on to promote their products and services on the Locally Epic platform.

About Locally Epic:
Locally Epic is the next generation of real-time location-based marketing technology for businesses and consumers. Locally Epic leverages time, space and message deployment with real-time aspects of engagement, implementation, customer loyalty and consumer acquisition metrics. Learn more at