The Carpenter’s Table Community Outreach Center and Monroe’s Mighty Mission Join Forces to Help Those in Need of Pet Food

Moore, SC. June 18, 2021. The Carpenter’s Table Community Outreach Center ( and Monroe’s Mighty Mission ( have partnered to help those in need of pet food during these difficult times.

The Carpenter’s Table Community Outreach Center (TCT), located in Moore, SC, is a food pantry that supplies various food and paper products to area residents suffering from food scarcity. On average, TCT supplies support to approximately 1,000 families in need each month. Started in 2001 in the hallway of Tyger River Presbyterian Church, the need within the community grew and The Carpenter’s Table Community Outreach Center was formed and moved into its own facility located adjacent to the Church. The pandemic caused increases in the need for TCT’s services and one of the common requests from visitors was for assistance with dog and cat food products. “Our visitors were concerned with their ability to keep their beloved pets due to someone in their family circle losing a job or work hours cut due to the quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. And now, with food prices rising, the need for pet food is very high on their list of requests. A dog or a cat is, for some of our visitors, the best friend that person has and the thought of losing that beloved pet weighs heavily on the pet owner who will often times share their food with their pet” said Van Batson, President of the Board of Directors at The Carpenter’s Table.

“We are excited to find Monroe’s Mighty Mission and look forward to helping our clients by providing some food for their pets, Batson stated, noting that this mission helps not just the pet by providing food, but it also helps to relieve the worry the pet owner is experiencing as well. A win-win from our point of view!” Six area churches have partnered to sustain TCT’s important ministry: Grace Bible, Impact Community, Joy Lutheran, Nazareth Presbyterian, Reidville Road United Methodist, and Tyger River Presbyterian.

Monroe’s Mighty Mission is a Spartanburg non-profit that works to assist those in need of pet food. Monroe’s Mighty Mission was started in 2014 when founder Jennifer Land saw a small dog on the side of the road that had no owner, was hungry, and very scared. After finally catching the tiny dog and bringing him home, Jennifer knew she had to do something so that no animal would be put out or sent to a humane society because the owner came upon hard times and needed a helping hand to keep their loved pet in their home. Monroe’s Mighty Mission is named after that little dog, who still lives with Jennifer (quirks and all) today! Founder, Jennifer Land, stated “We have been looking for a way to get more involved within our community to assist with providing pet food to those who are in need. We work very closely with Mobile Meals in Spartanburg and supply their dog and cat food needs to those receiving Mobile Meals, but knew we could do more on a community level. The Carpenter’s Table is a great outreach program and we are excited to work with them and the community they serve by supplying dog and cat food for distribution to those who visit the food pantry.”

Donations are always welcome both by The Carpenter’s Table and Monroe’s Mighty Mission. To assist either organization, please contact The Carpenter’s Table 864-590-3037 or Monroe’s Mighty Mission at 864-381-7740 or visit their websites for more information.

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