Spartanburg Philharmonic launches new name, new logo and new Maestro

SPARTANBURG, SC (March 20, 2018) –On Monday, March 19, 2018, the Spartanburg Philharmonic celebrated the highly anticipated season closer of Project Maestro: The Search for a new Conductor with Project Maestro: The Reveal at the Rosalind Sallenger Richardson Center for the Arts at Wofford College. The Reveal was attended by almost 200 guests eager to find out the winner of the position of Music Director as well as learn “exciting news” that the organization had been teasing for months.

After a two-year search process and three riveting concerts, the Philharmonic was excited to announce that Stefan Sanders won and has accepted the position of Music Director. Sanders who drove into town on Monday and had been well hidden from the community made his appearance on stage after being announced as winner by Chair of the Board of Directors of the Spartanburg Philharmonic, Rachel Deems.

While Stefan was the star of the night, the Spartanburg Philharmonic also announced that it would be changing its name and logo. Previously known as The Music Foundation DBA the Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra or what community members refer fondly as SPO, Executive Director, Kathryn Boucher said that “it is time to communicate clearly who we are” and that “Spartanburg Philharmonic” would be the new name going forward. The mission statement of the organization also underwent a facelift and now reads, “The Spartanburg Philharmonic’s mission is to enrich, inspire, and educate through live performances of high-quality music.” Boucher says, “We chose our new logo with a few things in mind- simplicity, fun and versatility. Our new logo celebrates music with the bell of a brass instrument accented by the five lines of the musical staff among other musical elements.”


All of these new changes come in celebration of the Philharmonic’s 90th anniversary season launching September 29th with Maestro Sanders on the podium. Attendees to The Reveal were able to get a sneak peek into the next season following Sanders’ teaser during his speech. Favorite’s such as Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, Ravel’s Bolero, a POPS concert featuring music from Pirates of the Caribbean and The Godfather as well as Steiner’s Casablanca and Beethoven’s 9th Symphony are all on the docket for next season.

Sanders says, "With wholehearted respect and admiration, I am thrilled to be named the next Music Director of the Spartanburg Philharmonic! Spartanburg is such a vibrant city that has welcomed and inspired me from day one. I am deeply humbled to become a part of the Spartanburg Philharmonic’s profound ninety-year legacy. I am also eager to form significant relationships with this community and share our mutual love for music with one another. Music is so powerful; bringing us together in such meaningful and joyous ways. The orchestra and I aspire to present you with rousing performances and imaginative collaborations that Spartanburg can be genuinely proud of. I so look forward to getting to know each of you and adding my voice to the extraordinary fabric of this community."

The evening ended with a toast to the new Maestro by past Chair of the Board of Directors, Ray Dunleavy, and attendees were able to take home champagne glasses with the new logo.

About Spartanburg Philharmonic
The Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra’s mission is to enrich, inspire, and educate through live performances of high-quality music. Founded in 1948, the SPO is comprised of professional musicians from diverse backgrounds who form an ensemble capable of performing a variety of musical styles and repertoire.