Spartanburg Community College Announces the Wardlaw-McCollum Chaser Success Fund

Today, the Spartanburg Community College Foundation announced the establishment of the Wardlaw-McCollum Chaser Success Fund. Through the generosity of Saunders McCollum, a new endowed fund will be established to significantly enhance the educational experience and success of students at Spartanburg Community College.

The establishment of the Wardlaw-McCollum Chaser Success Fund will promote the removal of barriers to student success by directly funding learning and training materials for students enrolled and in good academic standing at the College. Learning materials can include textbooks and other required materials such as safety equipment and study aids as defined by the SCC Foundation in response to the specific needs of students.

"Education has the power to change lives, and this fund underscores our commitment to creating an environment where our students can thrive," said John Jaraczewski, Executive Director of the Spartanburg Community College Foundation. "We are deeply grateful to (NAME) for their extraordinary generosity and dedication to empowering our students. The Wardlaw-McCollum Chaser Success Fund will have a lasting impact, not only on the individuals it supports but also on our community as a whole."

Witney Fisher, Dean of Student Success at SCC, praised the establishment of the Fund for its promise to improve student success outcomes at the College: "We have long understood that for a student to achieve their best they need access to materials and resources. This fund will ensure that happens by eliminating barriers and allow students to maintain focus on their studies and continue to pursue their dreams."

Saunders McCollum, a prominent community leader and philanthropist, spoke about their commitment to this initiative: "I firmly believe that education is the foundation of progress and success. It is an honor for me to contribute to the Wardlaw-McCollum Chaser Success Fund, knowing that it will directly impact the lives of students in our community. I hope this fund encourages other members of our community to join us in supporting the aspirations and dreams of those seeking to build lives and careers through education."

McCollum is the proud daughter of Mr. John T. Wardlaw, a stalwart member of the Spartanburg community who passed away in 2018 after a long and fruitful life dedicated to improving the lives of others. Wardlaw notably served as the Founder, Chairman, Director and Board Chair Emeritus of The Adult Learning Center, Chairman of the Spartanburg County Foundation, established the local Habitat for Humanity, and contributed his time and resources to many other charitable endeavors.

The SCC Foundation invites other philanthropists, community partners, and businesses to consider joining the effort to empower students through the Wardlaw-McCollum Chaser Success Fund. Every contribution, no matter the size, will contribute to a brighter future for the students of Spartanburg Community College.

For more information about the Wardlaw-McCollum Chaser Success Fund and how you can get involved, please contact John Jaraczewski at the SCC Foundation Office.

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