Sherman College Chiropractors Named to Top 33 D.C.s of 2018

Sherman College Chiropractors Named to Top 33 D.C.s of 2018

More than a dozen Sherman College alumni, employees, trustees and supporters have been named to the Top 33 Chiropractors of 2018 list published by Schübel Vision Elite, which highlights “the top movers, shakers, and contributors to the chiropractic profession worldwide.” Those making the list have helped move chiropractic politics, education, research, and business success to new levels in 2018.

Sherman College employees, trustees and alumni making the list include the following:
• Regent and Business Department Chair Brian Dooley, D.C., ’05, A.C.P.
• Regent and Director of Evidence-Informed Curriculum and Practice Christopher Kent, D.C., J.D.
• Trustee Shawn Dill, D.C.
• Regent and Trustee Frank Hahn, D.C., ’04
• President’s Circle Regent and Trustee Daniel Knowles, D.C., ’96
• President’s Circle Regent Richelle Knowles, D.C., ’99
• Regent David Serio, D.C., ’99

Additional Sherman College supporters featured on the list include Regent Ryan Bones, D.C., Regent Jack Bourla, D.C., Regent Grant Dennis, D.C., President’s Circle Regent Donald Epstein, D.C., former Sherman College recruiter Lina M. Guillen, Regent Tristan Schaub, Regent Bruce Steinberg, D.C., and Regent Steve Tullius, D.C.

Schübel Vision Elite is “a global network of successful business people ... on a mission to better mankind by ensuring access to chiropractic care to every man, woman, and child,” according to its website. See the full list at


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