Senior Adults Want Technology for Christmas …and Want to Learn How to Use it!

Bill Vicary

Bill Vicary

As the holidays quickly approach, many senior adults will be receiving technology gifts. Maybe a new iPhone, tablet, video door bell, smart TV or a virtual assistant like Alexa. Many seniors struggle to understand and know how to use their technology effectively. Bill Vicary, Founder and president of Just Call Bill, a local Greenville company has created education classes/programs to help senior adults learn how to use their technology more effectively. This is a very unique and successful program that is fulfilling a need for seniors and their family.

Vicary has found, many times a senior asks their children and grandchildren for help on how to use their phone and technology. This typically doesn't turn out very well, because a "technology tug-a-war" brakes out. The younger person takes the phone, does the task and hands it back to their parent. The parent responses, "what did you do?, how did you do it?, and "you did it too fast and I don't understand". The phone goes back and forth between the parent and the children and frustration and patience run out. Therefore, resulting in the parent withdrawing and not learning anything.

The senior adult population is one of the fastest growing segments in the country, they want to age in place in their home and use technology to stay connected to family and friends. Here are a few interesting statistics about senior adults:
• 70% of seniors (60+) use the internet
• 80% of seniors have a cell phone-53% have a smart phone
• 41% of seniors own a tablet, 21% own a e-reader
• 38% of seniors use social media
• 58% of seniors feel technology had a positive effect on society
• 72% of seniors need help setting up and using technology
• 50% of seniors time (4+ hrs) spent daily using technology
• 87% of seniors adults 65+ want to live and stay in their home or community
• 71% of senior adults 50-64 want to age in place in their home
• 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 daily
• 65+ senior adults make up the population in SC, this has doubled 2000-2010
• 22% of 65+ senior adults is the population in SC, largest in SE

Reference Sources: PEW Research, Joseph Coughlin & Boston Consulting Group, SC Plan on Aging, CI-IEU, AARP

Bill has discovered seniors learn at a different pace and style than younger adults. He has created a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on teaching seniors effectively. This results in the seniors gaining confidence and knowledge to help them navigate and use their gadgets and gizmos better.

So when that senior receives that awesome new iPhone for Christmas, they should Just Call Bill to learn how to use it and be better connected to their family and friends.

Company Information
Bill Vicary started Just Call Bill in 2017 and has taught hundreds of seniors throughout the upstate at the OLLI Furman program, Wofford's Life Long Learning Institute, he is a graduate of Senior Leaders of Greenville) OLLI Furman, and works with several well known seniors centers and communities. Bill understands the value of relationships and successfully partners with area businesses to provide services to adults 55+ and their families.

In additon to classes and programs, Just Call Bill offers these addtional services:
Technology Move-in Specialists
• Set-up your technology when you move-in your new home

Technology Trouble Shooting/IT
• Resolve your computer, printer, WiFi, tablet, smart phone, and software problems in your home

Personal & Digital Management - "Life Stats©"
• Record & recover your important personal & digital information in one document
• Capture and recover your usernames, passwords, church, bank, finanical, military, medical information and more, by knowing where and how to find this important data quickly and efficently.

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