Sallie Holder’s New Book Offers Step-by-Step Plan to be Bolder and Get Out of “Rock Middle”

Sallie Holder

Sallie Holder


Hitting Rock Middle from Author Sallie Holder Guides Readers to a Path of Career Happiness, Fulfillment, and Success

GREENVILLE, SC - As a former lawyer who provided counsel to some of the biggest companies in the world, a COO of six different companies in six different industries, and a female leader who successfully navigated the transition from the corporate world to being an entrepreneur, Sallie Holder, has achieved it all. Before the age of 30, Sallie was named a “Top Professional of the Year” and had achieved a six-figure income and “successful” lifestyle by society’s standards.

While smiling and appearing confident, Sallie was truly miserable living the life she had chosen and desired to be doing anything other than what she was doing. In her struggle to create change from a point of success, she realized that she had hit “Rock Middle” - a feeling in which one is externally successful while being internally paralyzed from making a change and feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled. Sallie coined the term “Rock Middle” after speaking with other women who were experiencing this same feeling in their lives and careers but were desiring more. In this place, Sallie discovered her true passion: helping others make bold choices that lead to lasting success and happiness.

In her new book, Hitting Rock Middle, Sallie, now an entrepreneur, business coach, and author, created a step-by-step plan to help others in the same situation start creating the path to their greatest potential – a place that includes true fulfillment and success. Through the journey of this book, readers will learn to pinpoint who they are, what they want to do with their lives, and how to get out of “Rock Middle” and into the big, bold, successful career that has been waiting for them all along.

With an official launch date of January 7, 2020, Hitting Rock Middle is available for pre-order now for $27.95 through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, M. Judson Booksellers, and other major retailers, and can be purchased at

Hitting Rock Middle has received praise from multiple New York Times bestselling authors, including actor and author of This Will Only Hurt A Little, Busy Philipps, author of What Made Maddie Run and former ESPN Anchor, Kate Fagan, and Richard Sheridan, CEO of Menlo Innovations and author of Joy, Inc. and Chief Joy Officer.

“In Hitting Rock Middle, Sallie Holder tackles an issue that can affect every one of us, no matter who you are or your stage in life -- feeling stuck somewhere between ‘rock bottom’ and your greatest potential. Sallie’s story, and the advice she offers within, can help anyone climb out of that place in the middle and reach new heights in life. An absolute must-read!” -- Busy Phillipps

“This book is for every person who has sought happiness from success, only to realize the formula is flipped. By sharing her personal experience, Sallie drills down to one of the key problems facing so many of us: What do we do when we realize career success doesn’t fulfill us in the way we anticipated? This book provides readers with the insight to begin to see their careers (and lives) from a new perspective.” -- Kate Fagan

“By my mid-thirties I had everything the world measures as success and yet I wanted out. In that moment I chose change. I decided that the risk of staying the same was far greater than the risk of change. Once I crossed that bridge, I started running towards the safety of joy. Salle Holder did too. In Hitting Rock Middle she helps you find the road to the same bridge. She shares the wisdom of her own journey and that of the clients she has coached. I will state it emphatically: Seek joy!” -- Richard Sheridan


Sallie Holder is an award-winning attorney and innovative thought-leader who coined the term “Hitting Rock Middle” and the “BE BOLDER” strategy for helping people reach their potential.

As a nationally-recognized public speaker, and business coach, Sallie Holder has spent more than fifteen years helping businesses, entrepreneurs, and employees identify what’s getting in their way and then breaking down those barriers to success. Sallie followed her degree in Human and Organizational Development from Vanderbilt University by earning a law degree. While spending more than ten years practicing labor and employment law, advising small companies as well as giants like FedEx and Michelin, she grew passionate about the growth of businesses. Moving beyond her law practice, she became an entrepreneur, starting her own business in coaching. Here she discovered her true passion: helping others make the bold choices that lead to lasting success and happiness. Learn more at


From the outside looking in, Sallie Holder seemed to have it all. A “Top Professional of the Year” before the age of thirty, she was living a six-figure, wildly “successful” lifestyle by society’s standards. But we all know looks can be deceiving. While smiling and confident on the exterior, Sallie had a secret: she was actually miserable living the life she’d chosen. Only she knew that success felt like a role she was playing and that on the inside she felt like an imposter who simply wanted to be doing anything other than what she was doing.

How in the world would she make a change at this stage of life? And what in the world would she do? If she made a change, what would everyone think? How could she reject society’s conventional definition of “success?”

Sallie’s journey to answering these questions for herself and others became her mission. While the process included both pain and joy, it has ultimately resulted in her achieving her greatest potential. Now she shares everything she’s learned to help people who feel just as unsatisfied and suspect they too are on the wrong path.

In Hitting Rock Middle, Sallie has created a step-by-step plan to help you start creating the path to your greatest potential – a place that includes true fulfillment and success. Through the journey this book will take you on, you will pinpoint who you are, what you want to do with your life, and how to get out of “Rock Middle" and into the big, bold, successful career that was waiting for you all along.

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