QBS Addresses South Carolina’s Evolving Healthcare Needs with Launch of Direct Care, a Subscription-Based Alternative to Traditional Healthcare Plans

QBS Addresses South Carolina’s Evolving Healthcare Needs with Launch of Direct Care, a Subscription-Based Alternative to Traditional Healthcare Plans

Innovative new model relies heavily on telemedicine and medical cost sharing to reduce costs and increase access to quality health care for a wider range of employers and employees

Quality Business Solutions, Inc. (QBS), the leader in outsourced payroll, human resources and employee benefits recently launched Direct Care, a subscription-based alternative to traditional healthcare plans designed to increase access to affordable, high-quality healthcare options for employers and employees.

Direct Care is comprised of four solutions: telehealth, telehealth with a dedicated primary care physician, partnerships with regional healthcare clinics, and a medical cost-sharing program that addresses more acute or advanced needs, including hospitalization, surgery and advanced tests. Each aspect of the Direct Care program allows patients 24/7 access to medical attention from board-certified doctors via private, secure connections and in-person visits. The telemedicine options have been enhanced in response to pandemic concerns and the need for greater convenience and flexibility.

Direct Care’s primary health options offer unlimited 24/7 visits, available 365 days, most with no co-pay, deductibles or co-insurance required. Direct Care’s medical cost sharing option provides for the division of medical costs across a wide membership base with predetermined upfront costs and sharing maximums for members. The healthcare solution is customizable based on desired employee and employer contributions, making it an extremely attractive option for both larger employers and those smaller employers who have been priced out of the market due to skyrocketing costs associated with traditional health insurance. According to a recent Harris Poll, studies indicate that more than 50 percent of U.S. employees admit to delaying or avoiding obtaining healthcare because of increased deductibles, inflated co-pays and higher out-of-pocket minimums, making them functionally uninsured. Direct Care addresses the main aspects of traditional healthcare, including primary and preventive care, acute and non-emergent care, and emergency care or hospitalization to ensure that patients get care without compromise.

Direct Care is a good option for any company looking to control rising health care costs while focusing on employee well-being. This provides a viable and effective option for employers with fewer than 50 employers who are not required to provide healthcare benefits to employees but realize that healthy employees affect the overall health of any business. Moreover, employers who switch from traditional healthcare insurance model to Direct Care empower employees to take control of their health by shifting the focus from reactive care to proactive health management and wellness.

While similar options have existed for a number of years to a select handful of employers or communities, the QBS Direct Care package brings affordable, high-quality, subscription-based healthcare to the mainstream by uniquely combining plan elements for maximum reach and effectiveness. Services like those offered as part of the Direct Care program are rapidly becoming more desirable and highly sought-after by businesses who want to provide a healthcare solution to their employees, but for whom traditional health insurance is no longer, or has never been, a viable option for the business.

Direct Care, available to all QBS clients, leverages technology and patient utilization preventive and routine care, rather than the high cost, last resort or emergency care often required when uninsured persons delay seeking medical attention or do not adequately manage their conditions.

“Our nation is experiencing a significant surge in the need for quality healthcare options that are not only sensitive to the financial situation of many patients but are also focused on improving access to medical attention,” said David Evette, president, Quality Business Solutions. “This program gives employees the opportunity to take control of their healthcare options at a time when getting medical attention in a safe environment, like your home, is of the utmost importance. We have disrupted the market with this innovative approach, and we are excited to see it take hold in our backyard and across the country.”

For more information on QBS human resources and employee benefit offerings, including how Direct Care can help employers, employees and area families, please contact us today or visit https://qualitybsolutions.net/services/direct-care/.

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