Palmetto Leadership Center launches Greenville HR Mastermind

(October 2018) Unlike anything else that is currently available to the Greenville-area HR and business community, the Greenville HR Mastermind is for anyone convinced that there are better ways to attract, retain, reward, develop, and engage a competitive workforce. Palmetto Leadership Center is committed to providing participants with a fee-free, educational, hands-on networking experience recognizing there's little time nor tolerance for lectures, presentations, or sales pitches.

"This is a powerful opportunity for business leaders to present their HR challenges, share insights, and brainstorm solutions - all within the unique context, format, and structure of a traditional peer-oriented mastermind group,” said Dave Baker, President of Palmetto Leadership Center. "We're about practical, real-world, problem-solving through leveraging the expertise and experience of our members. Nothing sexy. Just hard-hitting, nowhere-to-hide, real-life HR solutions.”

"It's a great way for someone to sit in the 'hot seat' and present a real-life, HR-related, non-commercial, personal or professional challenge on which they would like feedback from other participants," Baker said.

Typical examples include "We run a 3-shift operation and need a solution to minimize weekend overtime.", "I've run out of ideas on where to find qualified candidates.", and "I've recently been promoted into a leadership role and would like to hit the ground running and avoid costly mistakes."

The Greenville HR Mastermind is a monthly event in downtown Greenville in the HTI Inc. building.

To learn more and register to attend, go to or contact Dave Baker at | (864) 902-4400


About Palmetto Leadership Center
With more than 25 years in manufacturing, founder Dave Baker knows employee engagement is more than picnic, parties, and events. Palmetto Leadership Center helps organizations leverage their leaders as a competitive advantage with real, practical, custom solutions for developing their key talent and rising stars without big-box consulting fees.