Over $500 Raised for COVID 19 by artisan Jewelers

MAKE MADE CollectionMAKE MADE, a creative jewelry experience, has developed a new collection entitled the Liberty Collection. This body of work has been developed as a response to the COVID-19 crisis. It is an attempt by two local jewelry makers to help offset the impact in our local community by partnering creatively with United Way of Greenville County to raise funds.

The Liberty Collection is designed in celebration of our community. Its focus is a stylized rendering of the Liberty Bridge – the most central and recognizable Greenville icon -- and a remarkable, beautiful piece of engineering. MAKE MADE chose this as they felt it was a perfect image that would appeal to our community and our joint love for the place we call home.

How exactly does it work?

Danielle Miller Gilliam and Katie Poterala of MAKE MADE jewelry, will fabricate these beautiful new pieces of fine jewelry, right here in downtown Greenville, and won’t pay themselves personally to do so. The breakdown of each purchase will be as follows:

50% of all sales of the Liberty Collection will be funneled straight to the United Way to be used in their COVID-19 response

50% will cover actual costs, including gold/silver materials, expendables used, processing fees, and a very small remaining portion will go toward MAKE MADE jewelry’s overhead and operating costs. No portion will pay the artists individually.

These pieces will be offered starting 3/28/20, on a pre-order basis, in order to quickly shuffle funds local partner, United Way of Greenville County, as quickly as pre-sales can be made.

MAKE MADE feels very strongly about the local community and about this project, and invites you to review their most recent blog post to read in depth about how this concept was created: https://makemadejewelry.com/blogs/news/help-us-help-greenville-during-the-covid-19-crisis

MAKE MADE hopes that this project will appeal to locals in a strong enough way to spark their individual desires to help. While each person who contributes will get a beautiful piece of jewelry inspired by our amazing city, each person will also be helping a very small business make a difference and helping send funds where they’re desperately needed.

The impact of this project will come down to individual’s power of choice. Both MAKE MADE owners believe in the power of individuals to join together in small ways to make a collective difference, and hope this project can reach and prompt a little more aid from those who might be sitting at home, on their phones and computers, wondering how they could possibly help. In return for this, the artists at MAKE MADE are more than happy to do the dirty work (literally) of making something beautiful that they can wear in celebration of their city for years after this crisis has passed.


MAKE MADE, an artisan-driven studio and boutique, is dedicated to exhibiting adventurous jewelry, supporting independent artists and sustainable practices, offering exciting jewelry making classes, and curating an unrivaled collection of exceptionally crafted pieces. To learn more, visit makemadejewelry.com.

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