Milliken & Company Distinguishes Milliken Honors Recipients

A textile and chemical manufacturer employing nearly 7,000 associates across the globe, Milliken & Company honored 55 associates on January 10 during the company's newly revitalized recognition program.

Associates from the company's three divisions, representing a broad spectrum of disciplines, locations and job function, were recognized for adhering to and upholding core tenants of Milliken's values and culture.

"Our associates are the lifeblood of our company," shares J. Harold Chandler, CEO, President and Chairman of the Board of Milliken & Company. "While each associate uniquely contributes to the success of Milliken, it is an enormous privilege to call attention to our 2017 Milliken Honors program honorees for going above and beyond the already exceptional work ethic of our associates."

Milliken is pleased to present our 2017 Milliken Honors associate and team winners:

The Safety Award recognizes those who best represent the Milliken safety culture through their actions and results.

Golden Valley Safety Steering Committee - Mike Fortenberry, Brian Houser, Tuna McCurry, Morris Queen, Amanda Burgin and Pam Ledford (all located at Golden Valley)

The Business Operations Award recognizes those who best represent excellence in business operations.
Cyber Security Team - Ken Brown, Darrell Beach, Nate Bolt, Jennifer Grice, Reckell Jenkins, Dune Clarke, Shannon Tuten, Chuck Roach, Terry Greene, Nigel West and Aaron Harrison (all located at RMC)

The Manufacturing Operations Award recognizes those who deliver outstanding manufacturing results.
Cat V Team - Amanda Simmons (RMC), Danny Crawford (Magnolia), Andy Childers (Magnolia), Chris Lipscomb (Magnolia), Cody Egle (Gerrish), Angie Ellenburg (Gerrish), Aubrey Nilsen (Gerrish), Rachel McAllister (Pendleton), Kim Knatzka (Pendleton), Darrell Patterson (RMC), Charlie Tidd (RMC), Bob Miller (RMC), Sara Herring (RMC), Amanda Darby (RMC), Lindsay Hurley (Enterprise), Paul Thompson (Enterprise) and Frances Wakester (Enterprise).

The Strategic Challenge Award recognizes those who overcame a significant challenge, complexity or adversity to enrich the company.
Army Aircrew Combat Uniform (A2CU) Print Team - Gordon Cannon (Enterprise), Mark Jones (Enterprise), Paul Thompson (Enterprise), Steve Hall (Enterprise) and Patrick Prince (RMC)

The Diversity & Inclusion Award recognizes those who have demonstrated a clear commitment to these principles and actively promotes them within the workplace.
Ricaye Harris (RMC)

The Sustainability Award recognizes those who, by show of action, leadership and results, have worked to preserve the value of sustainability.
Philip Ivey and Jennifer Smith (Live Oak)

The Citizenship Award recognizes those who best exemplify the belief that our success as a company and the success of the places where we live and work are inseparable.
Geok Eng Ling (Milliken Asia, Singapore)

The Ethics Award recognizes those who best represent our commitment to ethical behavior through demonstrated actions.
Rowan Langford (RMC)

The Leadership Award recognizes those who consistently demonstrate the company's leadership expectations and are viewed as role models.
Jennie Wang (MEM, Beijing)

The Hero Award recognizes those whose selfless, heroic and responsive behavior or decision making led to an exceptional outcome in one of Milliken's manufacturing or business environments.
Joe Wallen (Duncan Stewart)

The Innovation Award recognizes those who best represent innovation within product, service or process development.
Susan FitzGerald (RMC)

The Customer Award recognizes those who significantly exceed expectations because of their close connection to their external customer.
Carey Lapidus (RMC)

The Legacy Award recognizes those who have created lasting change and measurable differences within the company over an extended period of time.
Becky Lark (Pendleton)

The Futurist Award recognizes those who demonstrate a long-term, futurist mindset in their work.
Dominick Valenti (RMC)

Annual Business Performance Awards recognizes individuals and business teams who meet specific pre-determined financial criteria.
Alan Maness (RMC), Russ Rudolph (RMC), Bill Graves (RMC) and Wim Van De Velde (Milliken Europe Ghent)

Multi-Year Business Performance Awards recognizes individuals and business teams who meet specific pre-determined financial criteria.
Tom Davenport (Valway), Alan Maness (RMC), David Smith (RMC), Allen Jacoby (RMC) and Russ Rudolph (RMC)

About Milliken
For over 150 years, Milliken has been innovating with the purpose to explore, discover and create ways to enhance people's lives. Our community of innovators has developed one of the larger collections of United States patents held by a private U.S. company. With expertise across a breadth of disciplines, including specialty chemicals, floor covering, and performance and protective textiles, we work around the world every day to add true value to people's lives, improve health and safety, and help make this world more sustainable. For more information, visit, and join us on Twitter (@MillikenandCo), Facebook and Instagram (@MillikenandCo).

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