Leading Pharmaceutical Company NovaFerrum ProvidesEssential Vitamins to 400,000 Women, Babies in Underserved Communities Globally

Greenville-based NovaFerrum, the only over-the-counter iron supplement clinically proven to be safe, effective and well-tolerated through a multi-year clinical study, is celebrating its fifth year of partnership with Vitamin Angels, a global public health nonprofit dedicated to improving maternal and child nutrition worldwide. They partner with local organizations, including governments, to reach the most underserved, nutritionally vulnerable populations – pregnant women, infants, and young children - with evidence-based nutrition interventions.

Since 2019, NovaFerrum, which was founded by a concerned parent seeking to get his own child the supplements she needed for the best start in life, has set aside a portion of its annual proceeds to support Vitamin Angels, an organization whose mission so closely aligns with its own. Over the course of this five years of partnership, NovaFerrum has contributed enough to provide a full- pregnancy course of much-needed prenatal vitamins to help 400,000 mothers and infants across the United States and globally.

After years of working in the health care industry, including time spent working with Medicaid populations, NovaFerrum founder Patrick Monsivais is acutely aware of the issues faced by pregnant women, mothers and children who do not have access to proper nutrition and vitamin/mineral supplementation from the start. He and his team share Vitamin Angels commitment to ending the cycle of poverty, poor health, and adverse well-being across generations created by a lack of access to essential vitamins and minerals.

“NovaFerrum was born out of my love and concern for my own daughter paired with an earnest desire to help all parents give their children the best start in life,” noted NovaFerrum founder and CEO Patrick Monsivais. “While we are proud to have helped thousands of our customers help their children, we also know that there are many families for whom these supplements are out of reach, based on access, affordability, availability, or awareness. We are thrilled to work closely with Vitamin Angels to help exponentially more people than we ever could through our business alone. Helping even one more mother or child would be blessing, but helping 400,000 of them creates real impact and meaningful change, and we look forward to doing even more in the future.”

NovaFerrum offers a full line of iron supplements and multivitamins for everyone from infants to women and from seniors to performance athletes. With roughly 40,000 bottles sold each month, NovaFerrum products are widely recommended by pediatricians, hematologists and general practitioners and sold in select pharmacies and direct-to-consumers through Amazon.com. Based on their pleasant taste, significantly reduced gastrointestinal side effects, natural ingredients, and options suitable for nearly any dietary restriction from Kosher and Halal to vegan and gluten-free, NovaFerrum supplements have earned rave reviews, including nearly 15,000 Amazon five-star reviews. The company’s market share continues to grow rapidly, allowing the small, privately owned company to effectively compete with large and well-funded vitamin and supplement conglomerates and big pharma.

For more information about NovaFerrum and its products, please visit www.novaferrum.com or through Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/stores/NovaFerrum/page/092E13D2-9AB1-4913-93C4-EDC6D3E02E13?ref_=ast_bln. NovaFerrum invites doctors and customers to engage with its content and insights and share their experienced with the products through the company’s social channels: Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/novaferrum/, Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/novaferrumironsupplements/, and YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLIC8Nx4YDDSGzvMLcRxVKg.

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