JNO Accelerator puts down roots in Greenville

GREENVILLE, SC – The JNO Accelerator, a Nashville startup technology accelerator that brought on local company founder Dr. Jonathan Fowler as managing partner in May, has officially moved its global headquarters to Greenville. Fowler and managing partner John N. Osland also lead Logicle Analytics, a Greenville company founded in 2020. Osland joined Logicle earlier this year as Chairman.

Osland draws on decades of Fortune 500 enterprise software and private equity experience to identify promising startups that have either established or potential for a big data component. “Big data is here to stay,” he said, “and we understand that a company’s biggest asset is its data. The Accelerator is focused on working as a strategic partner to help startups understand and leverage that.” Many startups come to the accelerator without having thought of their data strategy, value of their data, or the importance of getting processes and quality right from the beginning. As Osland notes, “this is our opportunity to offer sage advice and the means to thrive. But beyond startups, we will partner with mature companies as well, as our intellectual property and network reach is vast.”

“Greenville has a bevy of accelerators and venture capital, and I probably went to every one of them when I started Logicle,” said Dr. Fowler. As an entrepreneur himself, he is aware of the gaps in the ecosystem. “All but one were quick to tell me I didn’t have a viable idea. To the uninitiated, all that rejection makes you think you have nothing. Then you realize the system isn’t quite right. John and I realized we didn’t need any venture capital masquerading as a public benefit, and we could address the problem directly in our own way.”

Osland first worked with data science PhD’s 15 years ago at the Big 4. “They billed at $1,500 an hour, 60 hours each week,” he said. “We came to town for Dr. J, as I call him.”

The move to Greenville comes as Fowler and Osland have identified and partnered with companies in a variety of industries, both nationally and internationally. “From public health and wellness tourism to pet care and project management, the importance of data as an asset knows no industry or geographic bounds,” said Fowler. “It’s a small world anyway. Many of our international partners recognize Greenville immediately. We have a worldwide footprint.”

The Accelerator will operate with its primary office in Greenville and secondary locations in Nashville and Manhattan. Visit jnoaccelerator.com for more information.

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