Jasmine Road Announces Tomkins as New Residence Manager

Jasmine Road is pleased to announce that Sally Tomkins has been named the Residence Manager for the the nonprofit's first safe house. Jasmine Road is a 501(c)3 organization with a mission focused on providing a path to freedom and a haven for healing to local women who are trapped in a cycle of sexual exploitation and addiction.

Jasmine Road offers a holistic residential restoration program for adult female survivors of sex trafficking, prostitution and addiction, including two years of rent-free housing, trauma-informed therapy, counseling services, education and job training. The Greenville based nonprofit, which opened its first home in May, is modeled after the very successful Thistle Farms, a community of survivors in Nashville, TN.

"Sally brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Jasmine Road team, as well as a genuine passion for the mission of our organization," said Beth Messick, Executive Director of Jasmine Road. "As a Certified Peer Support Specialist with a personal lived experience in recovery, she is uniquely qualified and equipped to provide guidance and be of valuable service to the women who are a part of Jasmine Road."

Tomkins completed coursework at Clemson and received her bachelor of fine arts from Winthrop University. Following work as a controller and in the insurance industry, she joined the staff of Serenity Place at the Phoenix Center in Greenville. Tomkins served as a Lead Teacher and Child Service Professional for the center prior to becoming the coordinator for Serenity Place, a residential treatment program for pregnant women, young mothers and their preschool children. She earned certification as a Peer Support Specialist and completed training as a Certified Recovery Coach. Through her role at Serenity Place, Tomkins supervised the center's peer support services team, advocated for clients and established a network of connections to all community recovery resources and supports.

As Jasmine Road's Residence Manager, Tomkins provides education, planning, transportation, crisis intervention and support for residents in order to enhance communal living within the home. She also assists with intake and orientation of new residents and works to ensure that all activities in the home are healing and supportive of the recovery of the residents and overall mission of Jasmine Road.

A partnership of Christ Church Episcopal, Triune Mercy Center and Bon Secours, St. Francis Health System, Jasmine Road formally launched in October 2017. Following renovation of the organization's first safe house in April, the first residents of the home moved into the house in May. As participants begin to heal in the residential program, they will work in an innovative Social Enterprise designed to assist in the development of employment and social skills that will prepare them to eventually gain employment at a living wage.

"I am incredibly grateful and excited to be a part of this unique program," said Tomkins. "I am so looking forward to seeing our Jasmine Road community grow and thrive!"

About Jasmine Road
Jasmine Road is a nonprofit organization incorporated in Greenville, SC, in 2016 with a mission to offer women who are trapped in a cycle of sexual exploitation and addiction a path to freedom, a haven for healing, and the opportunity to flourish, leading to generational change and the betterment of our Greenville community. For more information, please call 864-325-6916 or visit www.jasmineroad.org. For additional background information on our sister organization, Thistle Farms, please visit www.thistlefarms.org/pages/media.