J Earle Financial, LLC, Highly Customized Financial Administrative Services Firm, Launches in Greenville

F. Jordan Earle

J Earle Financial LLC opened recently in Greenville under the leadership of F. Jordan Earle. Earle brings more than 25 years of expertise in the financial services industry. Over the decades, he has developed an extensive network of investment advisors, legal counselors, accountants, and other professionals.

The new business provides highly customized financial administrative services to individuals, families, trusts, and private foundations. By appointment of the Probate Court, J Earle Financial serves as the named “fiduciary” or financial decision maker. Specifically, this involves administering assets in conservatorships and estates according to the guidelines of the court.


J Earle Financial can also serve as the “managing agent” for administering the many daily financial details of high net worth individuals, families, and trusts. In this arrangement, the client enjoys retaining ultimate control and decision making while delegating the often time consuming and painstaking administration to J Earle Financial.

Earle has spent his career as a trusted professional creating and coordinating sound connections with clients, their loved ones, and those on their personal business team. For more information, visit jearlefinancial.com.