How to post to Allen Tate web portal on GSA Biz Wire

1. Go to Draft posts

2. Sort by Home of the Day and click Filter

3. Start from the top and open each listing in a new window

This allows you to keep track of the photos.

4. Put a space between button coding and address.

This isn't automatically added.

5. Go to bottom of post and note the Featured Image at right.

This photo will NOT be added to the gallery for the listing, and will give you an idea of which photos you are looking for. Each listing has 14 images in addition to the featured image, though some have fewer on occasion.

6. Click the MEDIA button and CREATE GALLERY.

7. Find all the photos for that listing and select them to create a gallery.

Gallery specifications should be
LINK TO: Media File
RANDOM ORDER: OFF by default

8. Click Publish

9. Check Link to make sure it looks ok.

10. Copy address, link and email all of them to John.