Hollingsworth Funds Grants $50,000 to Greenville Homeless Alliance

GREENVILLE, S.C. – The Board of Directors of Hollingsworth Funds awarded a $50,000 grant to the Greenville Homeless Alliance (GHA) to support the work of convening partners from all parts of the community to develop system-level, sustainable solutions to homelessness in Greenville County.

“Hollingsworth Funds role as a convener, collaborator, advocate, and leader in our community aligns with the vision of GHA and makes them not only invaluable as an investor but also as a partner in our work,” said Susan McLarty, GHA Director. “Their commitment to GHA allows us to focus on implementing strategies that ignite durable change, impact policies, and create initiatives that will make housing more accessible for every Greenville resident.”

To continue elevating the organization’s strategic focus, Susan McLarty’s title has been changed to GHA Director.

GHA’s strategic efforts in 2022 included releasing the 2021 Report on Homelessness which provided updates to both data and areas of progress made by Greenville since the initial report released by GHA in 2019. The Report is linked as a resource on both the GHA and Hollingworth Funds websites. The coalition also released a 2022 GHA COVID-19 Brief that included findings from listening sessions with more than 60 different organizations and 120 individuals including men and women with the lived experience of homelessness. GHA worked on advocacy issues ranging from affordable housing and eviction to fair lending and Homeless Court alongside community partners. GHA held an Advocacy Training Academy, provided educational field trips, and gave presentations to more than 50 local churches, schools, social workers, hospitals, School Improvement Councils, universities, businesses, and elected officials. To learn more, view the 2022 GHA Impact Report at www.gvlhomes4all.org.

With a vision to create a vibrant, just, and inclusive Greenville where equitable opportunities exist for all to advance and thrive, Hollingsworth Funds seeks to collectively remove the systemic barriers that hold people back based on race, place, and socioeconomic status, and strengthen the pathways that propel all people forward. The organization recognizes that the factors influencing economic mobility are complex and interconnected, and as such, a collective approach to impacting systems change over the long-term is required, especially for Greenville’s most vulnerable populations.

With a mission to strengthen partnerships and broaden support in an effort to increase options for individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness in Greenville County, the Greenville Homeless Alliance was formalized as a coalition in 2018 with a collection of public, private, and nonprofit organizations that are aimed at solving the homelessness crisis in the community. For more information or to get involved, visit https://www.gvlhomes4all.org/.

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