Hollingsworth Funds Grants $100,000 to United Ministries

GREENVILLE, S.C. (Dec 6, 2018) – The Board of Directors of Hollingsworth Funds approved a grant application in November to award United Ministries $100,000 for general operating funds.

In the upcoming year, United Ministries will continue to focus intently on developing and refining its integrated service program strategy. In recent years, a firm foundation has been laid by implementing internal processes that tie together services from multiple program areas so that program staff work together as one unit rather than multiple teams, and individuals walking in the door for one service are automatically connected to other appropriate services.

Two new areas will be given special attention this coming year. First, United Ministries’ new Financial Services Coordinator (FSC) will be providing one-on-one financial coaching and support for participants in the Employment Readiness and Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) programs. New outcomes are being tracked for these services, and the agency has recently joined the Credit Builders Alliance in order to support these efforts. Secondly, utilizing the services of the FSC, the Interfaith Hospitality Network is rolling out the “Transformation Track” – a year-long program of intensive, integrated services with interim housing that appropriate families from the IHN’s emergency shelter will be invited to participate in. The goal of the program is to prepare formerly homeless families to be self-sufficient and able to afford permanent housing upon program completion.

Hollingsworth Funds seeks to enhance opportunities and pathways that improve economic mobility for everyone in Greenville County. The organization recognizes that the factors influencing economic mobility are complex and interconnected, and as such, a collective approach to impacting systems change over the long-term is required.

United Ministries offers a broad array of programming in one location, where a single team of compassionate professionals provides seamless, multi-focused care personalized to each family’s circumstances. Purposefully integrating services maximizes the collective impact of the agency’s work in the areas of education and employment, crisis assistance, and homeless services.

About United Ministries
Located in downtown Greenville’s West End, United Ministries has been working for 48 years to give everyone the opportunity to participate in the prosperity of our community. Originally established by local congregations to meet the crisis needs of people living in poverty, the agency has evolved to focus on developing the potential each family possesses to become self-sufficient – and even to thrive. The agency’s integrated service model discourages dependency on charity and promotes the dignity of work. For more information on United Ministries please visit United-Ministries.org or call 864-335-2615.
About Hollingsworth Funds
Hollingsworth Funds is a charitable organization founded in 1976 with the vision to make Greenville County a vibrant, successful community where everyone has a meaningful opportunity to achieve their highest potential.

Established by the late textile leader John D. Hollingsworth Jr., the fund’s stated mission is to use its “social, moral, intellectual, reputational, and financial capital to invest thoughtfully in highly effective nonprofit organizations and initiatives in Greenville County.”

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