Hollingsworth Funds Awards $50,000 Grant to Greenville Homeless Alliance

GREENVILLE, S.C. (April 15, 2021) – The Board of Directors of Hollingsworth Funds awarded a $50,000 grant to the Greenville Homeless Alliance (GHA) to support the work of identifying sustainable solutions for making homelessness brief and rare in Greenville County.

“Our work is made possible by the generous and intentional investment of Hollingsworth Funds, especially in a year marked with such great need and unpredictability,” said GHA Coordinator Susan McLarty. “Their commitment to GHA allows us to continue the work of convening partners to address the barriers that keep Greenville residents experiencing homelessness from moving into stable housing. They are a significant partner in our work.”

The Hollingsworth Funds' commitment to investing in an organization’s infrastructure enables the Greenville Homeless Alliance to focus efforts on bringing partners from all parts of the community together to identify effective ways to address the system that holds homelessness in place. One recent example occurred in mid-January when the Economy Inn was condemned and closed for life and safety issues. The Greenville Homeless Alliance led the implementation of the Motel Displacement Response Plan which ensured that 61 men, women, and children living in the motel had access to safe shelter and a connection to resources that could provide a path to more stable housing. The Greenville Homeless Alliance facilitated the development of this plan in 2018 after the first closure of the Economy Inn which put into motion a response of over 80 commitments of resources from 37 different partner organizations to reduce human suffering. The Greenville Homeless Alliance continues to coordinate plan review meetings with the public and private partners every 6 months.

Hollingsworth Funds seeks to enhance opportunities and pathways that improve economic mobility for everyone in Greenville County. The organization recognizes that the factors influencing economic mobility are complex and interconnected, and as such, a collective approach to impacting systems change over the long-term is required, especially for Greenville’s most vulnerable populations.

About the Greenville Homeless Alliance
The Greenville Homeless Alliance (GHA) is a public private partnership committed to making homelessness brief and rare in Greenville County. GHA’s mission is to strengthen partnerships and broaden support to ensure safe, affordable homes for all. GHA acts as a connector for more than 75 public, private, and non-profit organization partners that serve individuals impacted by homelessness. Charged with looking for sustainable solutions to homelessness, GHA works to educate, advocate, collaborate and innovate with policymakers and the community.

About Hollingsworth Funds
Hollingsworth Funds is a charitable organization founded in 1976 with the vision to make Greenville County a vibrant, successful community where everyone has a meaningful opportunity to achieve their highest potential. Established by the late textile leader John D. Hollingsworth Jr., the fund’s stated mission is to use its “social, moral, intellectual, reputational, and financial capital to invest thoughtfully in highly effective nonprofit organizations and initiatives in Greenville County.

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