Greenville-Based Iron Supplement Brand NovaFerrum Adds Adult Multivitamin with Iron to Popular, Clinically Proven Product Line

NovaFerrum, the only over-the-counter iron supplement clinically proven to be safe, effective and well-tolerated through a multi-year clinical study, has added a new adult multivitamin with iron to extensive line of products. Suitable for anyone aged 4 and up, the new product, to be called YUM!, pairs NovaFerrum’s patented iron-taste masking technology, along with its formulations flavored with all-natural ingredients like chocolate, raspberry and katemfe fruit, and unbeatable effectiveness to create a multivitamin that tastes great and delivers peak nutritional value and health benefits.

Iron deficiency is the top nutritional deficiency globally, with an estimated one-fourth of all people and one-third of all women in need of supplementation. In addition to promoting normal growth and a healthy immune system, iron is critical to the oxygen carrying capability of the blood, contributing to healthy cardiac and brain function, boosting energy levels, and overall strength. Yet, despite its importance, many people refuse to take needed supplements, which are notorious for their terrible taste and often difficult gastrointestinal side effects. NovaFerrum significantly reduces or completely eliminates many of these issues, allowing everyone from sensitive infants to finicky adults to get the iron their bodies need to function properly.

“With pleasant taste, natural formulations, minimal side effects and clinically proven effectiveness, NovaFerrum is hands-down the best iron supplement on the market for infants and small children,” noted Patrick Monsivais, founder and CEO of NovaFerrum’s parent company, Gensavis Pharmaceuticals. “But, why should kids be the only ones to get the vitamins and iron they need in a great tasting and easy to digest product? With our adult products, including the new YUM! multivitamin with iron for kids and adults, we’re making better health more accessible to everyone.”

Other NovaFerrum products include:
• YUM! Multivitamin with Iron for infants and toddlers
• YUMMY! Liquid Iron pediatric drops
• WOW! High potency liquid iron
• MMM! Multivitamin pediatric drops
• ALL GOOD! 50mg iron capsules
• YAY! Chewable iron supplements for kids and adults
• DELISH! Vegan multivitamin with iron pediatric drops
• TASTY! Chocolate liquid iron pediatric drops

With 50,000 bottles sold each month and options for nearly every dietary restriction from gluten-free and vegan verified to Halal and Kosher, the family-owned company’s growing market share competes head-to-head with large and well-funded vitamin and supplement conglomerates and big pharma.

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