Democrat Carrie Counton Announces South Carolina House Candidacy

GREENVILLE, South Carolina— Greenville resident Carrie Counton is pleased to announce her candidacy for the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican Representative Dwight Loftis in South Carolina House District 19. The district encompasses the Sans Souci area, Cherrydale, Furman, and Berea areas. The election is June 12, 2018.
About Carrie Counton
Carrie has lived in South Carolina for nearly 20 years, arriving in Greenwood, South Carolina back in 1999 where she attended Lander University. After graduation, Carrie went on to earn her MBA. For the last 10 years she has been working in Greenville County in higher education, where many of her students are adults working to seek better opportunities for their families and for their futures. She has been married since 2005.
Carrie and the Issues
EDUCATION— With a background in higher education, it’s easy to see why this issue would be at the top of Carrie’s agenda. She believes that students deserve more than a “minimally adequate education” to be prepared to take on the demands of becoming South Carolina’s future leaders. She will fight to make sure schools are safe, funded, and equitable. Carrie will also work to help craft legislation designed to attract and retain the best teachers by giving them the tools to succeed in the classroom and competitive wages to keep skilled educators in South Carolina classrooms.
LIVING WAGE— The average two-bedroom apartment in South Carolina requires an hourly wage of $15.83 to keep up with the rent, yet the minimum wage is $7.25. Carrie will work to increase the minimum wage so that is matches the cost of living in our area. She believes that hard work should be rewarded with the financial ability to care for one’s family.
HEALTHCARE— Carrie believes that healthcare is a right and not a privilege for all South Carolinians. She will fight to expand Medicaid and fight to keep pre-existing conditions covered under health insurance in South Carolina. She will also fight to keep coverage affordable.
Contact Carrie
Phone: 864-906-3821