Couponbox Announces Kid Kindness Month and Contest

(GREENVILLE SC, JANUARY 2017) To honor and promote acts of kid kindness, Couponbox has proclaimed this January to be the first annual national Kid Kindness Month. The international online discount company has created this contest for elementary school-age children with some rewards for them and their schools to implement these acts. The contest will show that young people can indeed make a big difference through acts of kindness. As Couponbox’s US-based public relations agency, 10x digital assisted in the creation of the Kid Kindness campaign.

January 2017 is the first annual national Kid Kindness Month.

To enter the contest, kids aged 7-13 who live in the US can submit an entry—with video, text and/or photos—describing how they would spend $1,000 to spread kindness or help a group of people or cause. Kids can submit individually or as a group or class. Each entry must have a sponsoring organization such as a school, religious group, athletics team etc. There will be three winners chosen, each winning $1,000 to implement their idea and $1,000 given to their sponsoring school or organization.

Couponbox’s Kid Kindness Month represents an opportunity for a brand new year to spread kindness throughout our communities.

“It's important that we help the next generation learn more about altruism and how their acts of kindness can help others as well as themselves,” said Daniel Ender, Couponbox cofounder. “Through small acts of kindness, we can all cultivate an attitude of compassion for others to make the world a better place overall.”

The contest can be entered here:, an international online discount company, is sponsoring this contest to inspire and recognize acts of kindness by our next generation.

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