Couples travel internationally to GVL business to DIY Wedding Bands

Couples travel internationally to DIY Wedding Bands with local GVL Maker

From as far away as Australia, couples travel great distances for the opportunity to make their own wedding bands under the tutelage of local Greenville maker Danielle Miller Gilliam. A co-owner of MAKE MADE Jewelry, a new Main Street Boutique Artisan Jewelry Studio and Store, Danielle’s unique workshops have attracted couples from all over the US and beyond. The polar opposite of picking a pre-fabricated ring from a big box store display – Wedding Band Workshops offer something special, an experience, that will transcend generations.

What’s it like?
Couples arrive early, prepared for all day one of a kind adventure: crafting their own wedding bands from raw materials. Starting with casting grain, or small droplets of raw gold, students first learn to use a torch to melt the metal into an ingot. They proceed to working with various other hand tools to further work down the billet of metal, solder and shape the forms until they have a basic ring shape. From here, they learn to refine, polish, or otherwise impart texture or surface design onto the rings. Couples also get to engrave fun, funny, or meaningful text inside their rings at the end, with the choice to have these elements be a surprise or not. All along the way, Danielle of MAKE MADE Jewelry is right alongside the couple sharing her 20+ years of professional jewelry making experience and fun facts about the making process.

These unique full-day workshops offer adventurous couples the opportunity to make each others’ rings, together, in what amounts to an unforgettable, intimate, and memorable experience that they cherish throughout their future together. Some of the most common feedback on these classes indicate how excited the couples are to have learned something new together and to have such special handmade pieces they’ll eventually pass along to their children. As their clients will testify in person and via numerous Google reviews: The end result is a pair of hand crafted rings, as professionally made as one would expect from a fine jewelry store, made carefully and painstakingly – the old way – completely by hand, and completely by the couple with no prior jewelry making experience. Danielle makes the entire day exciting, and provides couples with snapshots of their hard work in-progress after the class is over. It’s no wonder people travel so far to our growing little arts community to seek out such a unique opportunity.

MAKE MADE, an artisan-driven studio and boutique, is dedicated to exhibiting adventurous jewelry, supporting independent artists and sustainable practices, offering exciting hands-on jewelry making classes, and curating an unrivaled collection of exceptionally crafted pieces. MAKE MADE is owned and operated by two established local Jewelry designers and artists who do a variety of custom designs and heirloom redesign projects entirely in-house. To learn more, visit

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