County Employee Named State’s 2017 Outstanding Conservation District Employee

Conservation District staff celebrate with Lynn in Columbia at the awards ceremony

Education Program Coordinator, Lynn Pilewski, of the Greenville County Soil & Water Conservation District was recognized this week as the 2017 South Carolina Outstanding Conservation District Employee. The award recognizes professionalism and dedication to conservation district programs. Over the past four years, Lynn has successfully raised awareness of soil and water conservation at local, regional, and national levels while implementing extraordinary programs at home.

Lynn has generated nationally recognized campaigns, including the Clean Water Starts With Me campaign, a set of custom stormwater pollution arcade games, and she has helped spread the There Is No Poop Fairy campaign. These are engaging ways to help the public understand their role in preventing stormwater pollution, and have aided in educating over 50,000 students in the past year. Lynn also serves as the State Coordinator for Project WET (Water Education for Teachers), and has helped more than 200 teachers in South Carolina incorporate water education in the classroom.

Lynn has worked hard to bring the District’s environmental message to the public through radio and TV appearances, blogs, and event booths throughout Greenville County. She has helped plan four conferences in Greenville, and has presented at nine state, regional and national conferences. As a professional photographer, graphic and web designer, she has helped transform the District’s education outreach materials and online presence. We thank her for representing Greenville County and putting her heart into her work every day.