Congratulations to Greenville Based Sigal Music Museum

It can be tough getting the word out if you are a non-profit organization. "Thinking out of the box" is more than a philosophy, it's a necessity. Without a big marketing budget, the pressing question was "how to let people know about the unique offerings of a music museum? The answer....create something no other museum has. A radio station.

In just over 18 months the Sigal Music Museum has built literally a world wide audience. Not a theoretical or virtual audience, the real thing. To achieve that the Sigal enlisted the services of Your Own FM, a designer and programmer of internet streaming radio stations. Using a combination of multiple music genres, informational programming and event promotion the reputation of the music is now growing world wide.

Listeners from over 10 countries and and more than 63 international cities enjoy the entertainment every day. With programming by Your Own FM, and displays, concerts, and educational work by the staff of the Sigal the "it" factor has been established and the reputation continues to grow. In short, The Sigal Museum is no long a secret.

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