GREENVILLE — Clemson University’s continuing education for executives is kicking off the 2017 event calendar with a new leadership development program better formatted to fit the schedules and meet the needs of today’s business leaders.

The Center for Corporate Learning, based in Clemson’s downtown Greenville location, is launching the Leadership Laboratory, Feb. 8-10, which offers three days of observation, experimentation, problem-solving and teamwork to deliver the competitive edge needed to drive business. Through interactive workshops, self-assessment and powerful speakers, participants strengthen their leadership plans and better put them into practice.  Topics include neuroleadership, performance, diversity, innovation and culture creation, to name a few.

“The Leadership Lab’s three-day format will make it easier for executives to experience our innovative approaches to becoming better leaders,” said Nan Johnston, director of the Center for Corporate Learning. “Because human resources within organizations are increasingly diverse, it’s essential that companies are inclusive and continually improve to leverage their competitive edge.”

The workshop will address many topics vital to the success of 21st century leaders, including executive EQ (Emotional Quotient), diversity and inclusion, storytelling, customer delivery and attracting resources, coaching and mentoring, organizational change and culture creation, to name a few.

Among the many notable facilitators and speakers is keynote presenter Josh Davis, director of research and lead professor for the NeuroLeadership Institute, a leading global research organization and pioneer of bringing neuroscience to leadership. The NeuroLeadership Institute uses hard science to transform leadership effectiveness.

“The Leadership Lab will also address the influx of millennials into the workforce who are rapidly earning leadership roles,” said Johnston. “And it’s not just directed at millennials, it’s relevant to experienced leaders working with them. Developing a magnetic culture that captures and retains the best people is essential. The top drivers are gender, generation and geography.”

The Leadership Lab is for executives who may be transitioning to new roles, desire to expand leadership skills, manage teams or knowledge areas, or influence stakeholders across an organization. “Participants will also make valuable business connections and be able to leverage an expanding network,” Johnston added.

For more information on the Leadership Laboratory and to register for the Feb. 8-10 event, go to Leadership Lab.


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