Campaign Launched for Abbeville Agritourism Park

A blue-orchard bee pollinates a native blackberry blossom. (Photo/Ken Carman)

A blue-orchard bee pollinates a native blackberry blossom. (Photo/Ken Carman)

Poln8rsplus, a non-profit corporation registered in South Carolina, is launching a campaign to open a first of its kind Pollinator Park.

The park will feature at least ten miles of well-maintained flower beds planted with perennial native wildflowers, at least ten acres of pick-your own berries, and what is believed to be the first of its kind outdoor Solar Power Museum.

The goal is to raise $300,000, which will pay off in full the 56-acre tract under contract, pay in full two houses in Calhoun Falls that are currently being renovated for future Pollinator Park use, and cover all basic operating expenses for one year.

Ken Carman, the visionary behind the project, has a current inventory of up to twenty thousand wildflower plants in stock, most of which will bloom starting this August, with the primary display taking place in October.
The fundraising campaign: In order to raise the $300,000 to fully fund the project, deeply discounted passes are being offered, and again, they can be used as soon as August 2021.

1. The feature pass being offered is a $100 unlimited use vehicle pass (good for up to eight people) that can be used for five years beginning on the date it is first activated. It would only require 3000 of these passes to be sold to raise the entire $300k.

2. Another option is a one-time single admission pass for just $5. It can be used anytime, including during October when regular admission will be $25.

3. A third option is a $40 unlimited use single admission pass good for five years (or a $10 version good for one year).

In order to spark interest in this campaign, I am willing to give away the entire park in five years. This could ignite a competition between Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, between the Catholic Church and one or more protestant churches, and even between UGA and Clemson (both of which are just one hour and ten minutes away from the property).

It is not that I am determined to offer such deeply discounted passes, and later give the park away, I am simply willing to do that, if that is what is needed to get this campaign moving.

The Pollinator Park is endorsed by Commissioner Hugh Weathers of the South Carolina Department of Agriculture.

“Pollinators play an integral role in the production of food and fiber in South Carolina. The pollinator park will conserve and improve habitat for these animals, protect natural resources, and offer excellent educational and agritourism opportunities. This unique project will teach us all about how pollinators help farmers put food on the table.” - South Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Hugh Weathers

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