BlueDocAITM announces patent award for their Artificial Intelligence Technology

Chest x-ray

Chest x-ray

Greenville, SC – Blue Eye Soft, Founder and CEO, Srikanth Kodeboyina, in collaboration with the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) amid the COVID-19 pandemic, helped develop BlueDocAI TM, a clinical decision support tool that uses AI and different algorithms can analyze chest x-rays to detect COVID-19 and other illness like cancer-related to lung faster.

U.S. Patent Office officially recognized and awarded a utility patent for their AI technology for its uniqueness. It is notably known for taking different models of algorithms with limited data and detect the illness faster than some of the current technology in the field. BlueDocAI TM is robust for implementing a transfer to transfer learning approach, which can take data sets which includes images of lung cancer and COVID-19 and break them down into “mini” data sets and learn from them. This enables the program to detect the illness faster and deliver the diagnose in a timely manner to radiologists and healthcare industries across the country.

“This patent award is a significant milestone for our company,” said Srikanth Kodeboyina, Founder/CEO. “Our proprietary technology, protected by this issued keystone patent, provides a competitive advantage making our product efficient with an automated detection approach that can be developed with a limited set of COVID-19 images, and in areas with scarcity of trained radiologists”.
“We also want to thank the University of Dayton Research institute for its constant collaboration and support for many years.”

“The award of this patent is another significant step in getting this important new technology into the hands of healthcare providers,” said John Leland, vice president for research at the University of Dayton. “We congratulate Blue Eye Soft, and we’re confident in their ability to bring BlueDocAI TM to market soon,” said John Leland, Vice President of Research

About Blue Eye Soft:
Blue Eye Soft Corp. is company that provides its own patented clinical artificial intelligence support tool, BlueDocAITM which uses AI-driven- deep learning algorithms to assist radiologists and other health care professionals with fast and accurate diagnoses of different illnesses.


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