Blue Eye Soft Corp an advanced data analytics company is selected to join Air force Research Laboratory’s Catalyst Space Accelerator

Blue Eye Soft Corp (BES) confirms its selection & participation in space technology cohort focused on data fusion for space application. The Accelerator provides BES the opportunity to work with government and commercial leaders with access to an extensive collaborative ecosystem

The Accelerator exists to promote the development of technology that helps the warfighter. It guides companies through the process of working with the government so that technology can be transferred from the commercial market to the government and vice versa.

Participants in this cohort will receive $15K in non-dilutive funding sponsored by Microsoft. The program will culminate with a demonstration day at Catalyst Campus in April 2020, coinciding with the National Space Symposium, where each team will pitch to government and commercial stakeholders and influencers as well as investors for an opportunity to raise additional capital or follow-on government funding for further technology development.

The cohort as a whole will seek to address the Problem Statement from AFRL, “How might we take advantage of the latest in information analysis and data fusion to provide insight into space objects’ past, current, and predicted trajectories and understand spacecraft capabilities and operator intentions?”.

“The world is entering into a second space age,” said the AFRL Problem Statement, this time driven by economic opportunity as much as national or military interest.” The growing number of humans in space is driving a sense of urgency to track space objects accurately, and the increasing interest in going to the moon and beyond means that we need to be able to track more objects, further away, on more complicated trajectories than ever before.

To make things more complicated, AFRL informed applicants to the program that they “should be prepared to address data sets that are sparse, irregular, and of disparate phenomenology’s.”

The strength of the CSA lies in its extensive but accelerated customer discovery. Because of its co-location in Colorado Springs with Air Force Space Command and several military bases, the CSA provides the ideal intersection of government entities and commercial expertise. What normally can take up to two years is reduced to a few weeks, allowing companies to speak with potential customers and refine their technology for specific use cases.

About Blue Eye Soft
Blue Eye Soft Corp (BES) is an IT and ITES company based in the Upstate of South Carolina that focuses on Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics using Artificial Intelligence and The Cloud.

Our services include Cloud Integration, Business Intelligence & AI, Data Lake, Big Data Practices, and Mobile solutions. We offer best in globe solutions for predictive maintenance and privacy protection of data. Our R&D is focused on fusion of diverse advanced data sources like 3D/4D images and sound.

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