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37 Ghosts is now available,streaming online after nearly two years in post production.

On a sweltering night in late September 2017 a group of more than 50 people quietly gathered in a goat pasture to create a remarkably ambitious film.

The cast, covered in wounds and bruises (thanks to the talented makeup and props department), the crew, exhausted and half way through a grueling schedule, all stood, waiting patiently while the DP, Director and Drone operator discussed the final details of an elaborate closing shot to the film.

This was not the final moment of production, it wasn’t even the final shot of the day, but it would be the last image of the film more than 50 people had volunteered their time, talents,  and resources to see completed.

In the upstate of Greenville, South Carolina, there is a growing film community of professionals determined to do whatever it takes to make their art. They are talented, they are hungry, and they are underfunded. The Studio behind 37 Ghosts is no different. “We were determined to make something that would stand out and demand attention. This was our biggest and best shot, and we didn’t miss,” said Collins Abbott White, Director of 37 Ghosts and owner of Greenville based film company, Other Vision Studios.

The film, which can be ordered at, is now available worldwide after nearly 2 years of post production. “We had a $500 budget for production, no money for post production, and a cast of 37 different characters that needed heavy special effects work,” said White “it took a lot of time and a lot of volunteered hours to finish this film, but the result was worth the wait.”

The film has already made the rounds at several festivals and received high accolades, including The Palmetto Prize for best film in South Carolina from the Reedy Reels Film Festival where it premiered. “We wanted to give our cast and crew from the upstate a chance to see the film before anyone else. Reedy Reels is a great festival to premiere a film at.”

When asked about what was next for Other Vision Studios, White said, “we’re not done with 37 Ghosts, our audience fell in love with the characters and kept asking us for more, so we’re currently writing a feature. In the meantime we’re finishing post production on another great short film, ‘Two Peas In A Pod.’ We’re also in production for a documentary, ‘LABS for Dyslexia’ that takes a hard look at the state of educating students with dyslexia. Long term we’ve got a number of feature films we’re currently trying to fund, including a hard hitting film that examines the horrors a child goes through when she’s sexually abused by a family member, and the far reaching impact that abuse has on a small community entitled ‘The Door Creaks’. We’re always looking for the next story and always seeking ways to bring new stories to film with great financial and production partners.”

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About Other Vision Studio
Based out of Greenville, SC, Other Vision is an award winning film production company that exists to bring incredible stories to the big screen. Since 2011 we’ve specialized in crafting uniquely southern stories with numerous short films. We’ve also worked to develop scripts for several films and are currently looking for investment partners for our first feature film, “The Door Creaks” as well as our first feature documentary “LABS for Dyslexia.” Text LABS to 48 48 48 to Donate to LABS for Dyslexia.

Collins Abbott White
Other Vision Studios

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