AnMed Health and AnMed Health Cannon earn recognition for patient safety

AnMed Health and AnMed Health Cannon have earned nine Certified Zero Harm Awards from the South Carolina Hospital Association. The awards recognize excellent work in preventing hospital-acquired infections.

AnMed Health Cannon has been recognized for 58 months of Zero Harm in most categories. No other facility in the state has gone that long in more than two categories, and AnMed Health Cannon has done it for three procedures. AnMed Health Cannon CEO Brandon Clary attributes the long-run to a strong organizational culture of safety and reliability of our caregivers to do the right thing by providing evidence-based processes of care. AnMed Health Cannon earned a Zero Harm Award for going 58 months in ICU without a central line-associated blood infection and two awards for preventing surgical site infections for 58 months for hip and knee replacements. Also, AnMed Health Cannon earned a hospital-wide award for going 54 months without an incident of MRSA, a bacterial skin infection, and 18 months without any surgical site infections for colon surgery.

The AnMed Health Medical Center picked up Zero Harm awards for preventing central line-associated blood infections for 36 months in Cardiovascular ICU and 12 months in Neurosurgical ICU. The Medical Center also earned two hospital-wide awards for prevention of surgical site infections for 42 months for knee replacements and 58 months for abdominal hysterectomies.

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control independently verified all of the hospital data used for the awards. AnMed Health has implemented numerous measures to prevent hospital-acquired infections including hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the facilities and cleaning all patients' rooms with bleach upon discharge.

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