Targeted digital marketing campaign helps FUEL drive successful launch of new national franchise location

Workout Anytime had record enrollment

Greenville, SC -- FUEL, an integrated marketing firm in downtown Greenville, SC, specializing in both digital and traditional services, has worked with a number of franchises over the years to generate high-quality leads and drive business growth. Such was the case with Aaron Davis, owner of a new Workout Anytime gym in Upstate South Carolina. Workout Anytime (WOA) is a national fitness franchise born out of Douglasville, GA in the 1970s. Today, there are well over 100 WOA locations around the country. Their motto: “fitness that fits.”

The Challenge
Aaron came to FUEL in the fall of 2016 with the goal of launching a new location in Boiling Springs, SC. FUEL’s challenge: to help the location get 1,000 pre-enrolled customers before they opened in exactly 72 days. Driving a high volume of quality leads that would convert to new memberships required a very aggressive and highly targeted digital campaign that would get the right message, to the right people, in the right way. Given the time constraint, there was little margin for error.

The FUEL Solution
With expectations high and the time frame small, FUEL conducted a deep industry/competitive analysis and then devised a strategy that focused on Google Adwords and Facebook Paid Ads. Both the Adwords and Facebook campaigns would drive interested prospects to a custom landing page aimed at getting leads that would convert to pre-enrollment sales. We also actively monitored all campaign data, or “chatter,” in real time to determine lead behavior and modify our campaign accordingly.

Record-breaking success
The FUEL plan worked exceptionally well, as WOA managed to exceed the “1,000 customer goal” within the 72-day time period ending on January 12.

FUEL drove the 2nd highest total of pre-enrollments
for any Workout Anytime franchise in more than a decade.

On top of that, FUEL was able to reach 80k unique eyeballs and engage 33.8k individuals through this targeted digital campaign. Even more impressive is the fact that, as of August 29, 2017, the new gym is within 300 memberships of having the most members of any Workout Anytime gym in the country. The launch was so successful that it has helped garner the attention of other WOA franchise owners who are also looking for increased membership enrollment.

“FUEL did a great job and enabled us to meet our goals. They came in, hit the ground running, and delivered a home run. Their knowledge of digital marketing is deep and they are a pleasure to work with. Thanks to them, our Grand Opening was a huge success.”
-- Aaron Davis, Owner of Workout Anytime-Boiling Springs

About FUEL
Located in Greenville, South Carolina’s historic downtown district, FUEL is an integrated digital and traditional marketing firm that consists of industry-leading experts in branding, sales strategy, lead generation, web development, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and more—all under one roof. They have extensive B2B and B2C experience, that spans a wide cross-section of industries, including: advanced manufacturing, real estate, technology, healthcare, retail, and more.

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