SCI Electronics’ Marc Adkison Wins Military Award

GREENVILLE, S.C. SCI Electronics, Inc., an Information Technology Integration company, today announced that Marc Adkison has been awarded three military honors for distinguished accomplishments performed while deployed to the Middle East with the United States Air Force. The awards consisted of “Enlisted Engineer of the Year” and “SNCO of the Year” for the 202nd EIS, his home unit. In addition, he was presented “Enlisted Engineer of the Year” for the entire Engineering and Installation (EI) community by Gen. John E. Hyten, StratCom Commander. The EI community consists of 15 Air National Guard units and 1 active duty unit.

Adkison came to SCI Electronics with over thirteen years’ experience while specializing in outside plant design and installation, antenna installation and telecommunications line work.  Prior to SCI Electronics and while in the Air Force, Adkison was an instrumental member of the team that designed the United States Command Center in the Arab emirate peninsula of Qatar.

“We are very fortunate and pleased to have someone of the experience level of Marc Adkison and his base of knowledge in fiber optics, structured cabling and project management - - and commitment to country. We are proud of Marc’s military commendations, for it demonstrates his commitment to the United States” said SCI Electronics President Scott Daniel.

SCI Electronics, Inc. is a Greenville-based multimedia communications specialist firm focusing on Structured Cabling Systems, Audio/Visual Solutions, CCTV & Access Control Systems and Paging Solutions. Founded over fifty years ago, SCI Electronics assists specific industry groups that require precise installation practices for data centers, conference centers, boardroom presentations, electronic security and campus safety.  The range of current client groups includes healthcare, manufacturing, higher education, financial services and municipalities.

SCI Electronics, Inc. is headquartered at 56B Pelham Davis Circle, Greenville, SC  29615. The telephone number for SCI Electronics is 864-234-7313.