Nachman Norwood & Parrott release perspective paper on wealth management Insights

Nachman Norwood & Parrott (NNP), a wealth management consultancy, is releasing a perspective paper highlighting wealth management, tax, legal, real estate and insurance planning insights for high net worth individuals on Thursday, June 9.

NNP states throughout the perspective paper that true wealth management consists of a plan that includes expertise and guidance from a solid team of professionals. To help gather this expertise and guidance, NNP interviewed some of their partners who specialize in key categories of wealth management.

"We are pleased to be serving our market and the community with the resources needed to help clients meet their goals," says Ben Norwood, managing director of NNP. "Based on our experiences, we believe this perspective paper can help high net worth families establish the building blocks for potential long-term wealth management success."

As an industry leader, NNP understands that perspective is informed by multiple points of view and no decisions are made in a vacuum. Engaging industry professionals to help guide specific areas of wealth management can help make better informed decisions, and help individuals maintain a long-term plan.

"The expertise demonstrated throughout this perspective paper is essential to help grow and preserve your wealth," says Bob Nachman, managing director of NNP. "We believe true wealth management insists on a plan that takes into account expertise and guidance from a solid team of professionals."

Some key takeaways from the paper include creating a wealth management plan, asking your advisors to help develop strategies that will help to protect your wealth and staying in constant contact with your advisors. NNP specializes in meeting the needs of high net worth clientele by utilizing a holistic, team-based approach. They keenly understand that wealth brings choices, and a holistic approach creates the perspective to help choose wisely.

Those interested in learning more about wealth management may download NNP’s perspective paper