LS3P’s Neal Prince Studio Wins Remodeling Award

May 15, 2017– Greenville, SC

LS3P’s Neal Prince Studio was recently presented with a 2017 Chrysalis Award for Remodeling Excellence. The entries, which came from across the United States, were judged on overall design, the creative use of space and materials, and the degree to which the project enhanced the original structure.

“To win an award in this highly competitive category is quite an achievement,” says Ken Kanline, Director of the Awards.  LS3P’s Rosemary Lane Residence in Greenville, SC was a National Co-Winner in the Whole House Remodel category for projects between $300K and $700K.The project consisted of a phased renovation to an existing 4,000 square foot suburban residence, with work touching all aspects of the home including interior, exterior, landscaping, and technology. The original modernist structure had fallen into disrepair, and the renovation integrated the unique character of the building with contemporary materials and amenities.

The renovation was completed in 2016.

About The Chrysalis Awards: The Chrysalis Awards program, begun in 1994, recognizes the nation’s best work in fifteen general categories of residential and commercial remodeling. The Chrysalis Awards are open to every professional remodeler and design professional in the United States. Pictures of the 2017 award-winning projects can be seen on Chrysalis website beginning in late June. For more information about the Chrysalis Awards, contact Ken Kanline at 888-263-5687 or at

About LS3P’s Neal Prince Studio: The custom home studio of LS3P is focused on providing thoughtful, timeless, and creative home designs.  The studio’s 45 years of professional practice is built upon founder Jim Neal’s belief that everyone deserves to live in a well-designed home. Consequently, the studio provides design services for a variety of custom home sizes and scopes-of-service, each tailored to meet the individual needs of clients.  For more information on Neal Prince Studio, visit .