Greenville Police Foundation launches

Greenville Police Foundation

Greenville, S.C. The newly minted and formed Greenville Police Foundation is officially up and running, from its list of initiatives, which can be viewed on their website, to the board of directors and police staff helping keep the Foundation running.

Now, more than ever, Police and civilian relations are extremely important, and the Greenville City Police are dedicated to working with our community. The Greenville Police Foundation was formed to assist the city’s police department with raising money for programs that are essential to citywide safety. The Police, much like other government agencies, compete for funding and the budget allotted to the department, after expenses, is simply not enough. This leaves many projects, such as installing emergency phones along the Swamp Rabbit Trail, purchasing body cams, or expanding Greenville’s DNA database capabilities underfunded and on indefinite hold.

However, the creation of the Greenville Police Foundation will help increase funding to the department and accelerate the implementation of many of these safety-based initiatives. The Foundation works much like any other agency with a board of directors. The Police Foundation will submit a proposal for an initiative and the board will determine whether or not the initiative recommended in the proposal is a wise expenditure. Without the Foundation, the Police Department has to schedule in these initiatives two to three years in advance, causing an extreme lag in response to community needs.

The Greenville Police Foundation will function entirely off donations, and sponsorships are available at the corporate and individual levels, with the option of reoccurring donations or sum donations in amounts ranging from $100 - $25,000.

The Greenville Police Foundation is not the first of its kind, and will join the ranks of the other 150 Foundations located throughout the US. When asked about the benefits of forming a Police Foundation, Police Chief Ken Miller said, “A Police Foundation helps immediately support the community in its jurisdiction. When giving to the Foundation, unlike the general tax stream, is that every dollar donated to the foundation is accounted for, along with the status, success, and challenges of every project the Foundation tackles.”

Additional core goals of the Foundation include recognizing officers and department staff for outstanding achievement, creating a college internship program,  and enhancing leadership through developmental programs for commanding and supervisory personnel.

Another top priority of the Police Foundation is to increase participation between officers and the community. The Foundation is dedicated to community involvement, and wants to increase its youth education programs which include, mentorship, reading programs, community sporting activities, and gang violence education and prevention.

For more information on the Greenville Police Foundation, to view the Foundation’s list of initiatives, or to learn how to make a donation/get involved please visit their Sponsorship kits are for download online.