Greenville Federal Credit Union named 2017 South Carolina Business Volunteer of the Year.

Greenville, SC – The South Carolina Board of Education recognized Greenville Federal Credit Union as 2017 Business Volunteer of the Year during the State Board Monthly meeting in Columbia, SC on Tuesday, August 8. The State Board of Education Volunteer Awards Program annually recognizes businesses, civic organizations, individuals, and school improvement councils for significant contributions to public education.

Greenville Federal Credit Union was recognized for the launch of its student-run credit union branch inside Greenville High School during the 2016-2017 school year. The credit union, along with Greenville High School, turned a student-run credit union branch from concept into reality. This initiative brings real world financial literacy and education into the school and allows students enrolled in the school’s Academy of Law, Finance and Business to gain real-life experience and preparation for both college and future careers. Students earn course credit and gain hands on experience as they manage and operate a fully functioning Greenville Federal Credit Union branch.

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