Deadline to sign up for Epic Quest is Oct. 12

GREENVILLE, S.C. – A few final slots are up for grabs for this weekend’s The Epic Quest.

The Epic Quest will be an all-day scavenger hunt around Greenville on Saturday, October 14, where teams of two will score points by visiting more than 20 “epic” local businesses and landmarks while adding to their totals by taking part in a social media challenge. The first place team wins $2,500, second place team wins $1,500 and the third place team wins $1000. Participating teams will be sent more details as the event draws near.

It is being hosted by Locally Epic, which is an app that allows local consumers via a mobile platform to enhance their ability to find local offers and promotions from a wide range of businesses in real time, while allowing businesses to effectively reach new audiences.

Interested teams can sign up here. In addition, both team members must download the Locally Epic app (available here), agree to make either their Instagram or Facebook accounts public during the event, both members must be over age 21, wear a provided Locally Epic T-shirt during the event and sign a waiver before being put into the pool of potential teams. The Epic Quest plans to cap the number of teams at 50. Teams will be notified if they are participating later this month.

The deadline is Thursday, October 12, 2017 at noon.

Details on locations in The Epic Quest will not be released until the day of the event to prevent teams from trying to plan too much ahead, said Dave Ropes, Locally Epic’s Chief Marketing Officer. One of the key measures in The Epic Quest will be social media interaction at certain stops. More information on how to interact can be found on Locally Epic’s Facebook page.

“We thought a fun obstacle would be Greenville itself, and Fall for Greenville definitely will make people think of new routes to get to things,” he said. “While not everything will be in downtown, there will be spots there so people will have to plan how to get there.”

About Locally Epic:
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