Craig Gaulden Davis Designs Beautiful Libraries

The Georgia Public Library Service recently named the Ten Most Beautiful Public Libraries in Georgia and Craig Gaulden Davis designed two of them.  Out of 60 nominations, both the Porter Memorial Library in Covington and the recently completed Metropolitan Library in Atlanta were named by a panel of public library and architecture professionals.

Craig Gaulden Davis’ (CGD) expertise in library design has been earned through the firm’s involvement in the programming and design of over 70 public libraries since its founding in 1957.  The firm’s work includes large headquarters buildings like the Hughes Main Library at Heritage Green and branch facilities of varying sizes located throughout the southeast.

The Greenville Architecture and Interior Design Firm is now managed by second generation owners Ed Zeigler, David Dixon, Scott Simmons and Scott Powell.  CGD projects focus on education, arts, civic, ministry and commercial.  CGD’s staff of sixteen have a combined total of 236 years of experience at the firm, ranging from one year to 33 years.  The firm has also launched a new, more interactive website that is fully functional from all devices and invites you to visit the reimagined