Bravo1 Protection serving local law enforcement this Fall for Greenville

GREENVILLE, S.C. – Law enforcement officers, fire fighters and EMS staff working this weekend’s Fall for Greenville have a special Hospitality Area this year thanks to Bravo1 Protection.

First responders working the region’s largest festival are welcome to get free meals and refreshments at Bravo1’s offices at 116 E. Broad Street starting Friday night.  This rest station is for first responders only and will be open all three days of the festival.

“Fall for Greenville is an extremely busy weekend for first responders,” said Tammy Johnson, Bravo1’s owner. “We know that each of them works hard this weekend, and may not have the time to get a good meal. That is we want to thank them for all they do.”

Bravo1 Protection offers security for retail operations, apartment complexes, private residences, hotels, schools, concerts, athletic events and fixed security posts at larger sites, she said. All Bravo1 Protection security officers are SLED certified.

In addition to providing meals for the First Responders, Bravo1 Protection will be providing event staff and overnight security for the festival itself.

About Bravo1 Protection:

Bravo1 Protection specializes in providing hospitality-driven, exceptional security services for bars, venues, festivals and businesses. Their experienced officers are trained not just to protect you and your guests, but to do so while providing excellent customer service. Learn more at