​Stratos Aviation ​R​​ecognized for Flight Training Excellence by National Organization

Greenville, S.C. - For the second year in a row, Stratos Aviation ​is the only company in South Carolina ​to be recognized for its high standard of accomplishment in flight​ ​training by The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), the world’s largest aviation association.​ ​Also for the second year in a row, Stratos Aviation Instructor ​and Founder ​Dimitri Partafyllas is one of ​just ​two instructors in S​.​C​.​ ​to earn ​the Distinguished ​Flight Instructor ​Award. The other ​honored ​instructor is in Hilton Head.

​"E​arning the AOPA Distinguished ​Flight School award ranks one in the top 4% of ​all ​flight schools and​ the Distinguished Flight Instructor ​award ​puts one in the ​top 1% of​ all​ flight instructors in the U.S.!​" Stated​ ​Chris Moser,​ ​Director​ ​of​ ​Flight Training Initiative​ ​for AOPA.​ ​Winners were honored for providing a high level of service to their customers, based on responses to the 2017 Flight Training Experience Survey. The​ ​process yielded an evaluation of 1,048 different fligh​​t schools and 2,012 individual flight​ ​instructors​.​ ​Partafyllas was honored on Tuesday​,​ Oct. 17 in Oshkosh, WI.

"I have always had a passion for aviation and wanted to fly ever since I was a child. I started learning to fly in 1996 and became an instructor in 2007," Partafyllas said. “I really enjoy teaching people to fly," Partafyllas added.

In 2014, Stratos opened it doors and has been a dream come true for Partafyllas, who worked as a mechanical engineer, in various management positions and within the automotive industry for over 20 years. "Dimitri has taught many local Greenville pilots to fly, as well as international employees who are residing in Greenville and he must be doing a great job as evidenced​ ​by ​him being selected for this prestigious recognition​ two years running​! We are very honored to have Dimitri and his company, Stratos Aviation, at our airport!" Stated Joe Frasher, Airport Director for the Greenville Downtown Airport​ (​GMU​)​.

The Greenville Downtown Airport (GMU) is the busiest general aviation airport in South Carolina and is a self-sufficient entity with financial strength that doesn't rely on local taxpayers for funding. GMU is home to Greenville Jet Center, the largest Fixed Base Operation (FBO) in S.C., as well as more than 25 other aviation-related businesses creating 453 jobs that annually contribute more than $35.2 million to the Upstate economy. For more information about GMU please visit http://www.greenvilledowntownairport.com or contact Joe Frasher at 864-242-4777 or joe@greenvilledowntownairport.com